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What is the Q-Cup?
The Q-cup H2 hydrogen water generator is a special kind of water ionizer. It is built with the latest SPE/PEM electrode technology which can infuse your drinking water with the perfect combination of molecular hydrogen & antioxidants your body needs (up to 1200 ppb of hydrogen concentration).

Using the latest SPE/PEM technology, combined with the built-in waste gas escape valve, successive chlorine & ozone gas is removed making your hydrogen water 100% more purer and safer than previous hydrogen technologies. The Q-cup is also exclusively designed with an EDC (electrolysis Decalcification Cleaning) system. By adding a pinch of salt you can make sterilizing ozone and acidic water which can be used as an organic cleaner or sanitizer. The Q-cup works with any kinds of drinkable water source: hard, soft, mineral water, even with RO water.

It is easy to operate and with just a push of button, you can generate medical-level hydrogen rich water. Holding the button, activates EDC mode for cleaning purpose. Best of all Q-cup also connects with any plastic water bottle when you are traveling, so you can enjoy Hydrogen water anywhere you go.

Q-Cup creates sanitizing water:
• Sanitize your Q-Cup
• Use as an organic cleaner
• Creates pH 2.5 super oxidizing water.

So Portable:


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